About Us

About Us

Javelin Broadband has since inception envisaged the creation, operation and supply of data networks and services to remote locations and campuses. Our network has grown rapidly and provides high speed data services to personnel and  businesses on and around these campuses. We use a combination of leased lines delivered over fiber and high speed wireless links  to the point where our network extends to over 1,000 km. We have 15 campuses connected  together over a resilient backbone capable of delivering 100 mbps or more. In some cases this exceeds the capacity of the local exchanges by three times or more. New locations are being added with improved facilities and services.

We are working with MOD campuses, companies, local authorities and trusts to extend reach in to ‘notspots’ and digitally dispossessed areas. In some cases this might involve co-operation strategies with competing interests, but for the most part we own our network. We envisage the creation of a nationwide series of hubs and nodes delivering increasing high end data services.

In 2008 Javelin Broadband was awarded  ‘Provider Aggregate’ status by RIPE, which permits us to peer with other networks and access to 5,000 Public IP addresses. We are continuously adapting to the regulatory environment involving the HSE, the MOD and others with a stream of continuous training programmes designed to comply with and in many cases exceed the required standards.


Access to MOD installations –

  • Ministry of Defence, DVA:  clearance up to Deep Level including Access and Escort rights.

Health and Safety Compliance –

  • Ministry of Defence, Defence Estates: compliance with JSP375
  • HSE, Working at Height, Ladder Safety, Asbestos Awareness

Technical Qualifications –

  • PCI compliant
  • Fluke Testing Certified
  • CNET CNCI Copper and Fibre Installer Certified 
  • IPAF
  • Cisco: staff certified up to and including CCIE
  • Juniper
  • Ubiquiti
  • Mikrotik
  • Extreme Switches

Supplier & Industry Accreditations and Memberships

  • RIPE NCC: ISP with AS Number (no. 47535) and PA Space
  • RAF: Approved Supplier
  • United States Air Force: Approved Contractor.  Approved Supplier
  • ECA Membership
  • ECS Membership