Managed Services

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  • Predefined quality of service levels
  • Best of breed wired and wireless infrastructure
  • Optional adds-ons such as controlled internet terminals and digital signage
  • Independent of local telecoms infrastructure
  • Leased line alternatives for business on very competitive terms

We design, build and operate high speed private networks for military campuses. Many of these are are connected up to our 1000 km network of wireless links, which now extends across much of England. We also have a growing number of stand alone locations that we plan to link together eventually. We aim to have at least one back up supply of leased line in each location and our capacity will shortly reach and then exceed 1 gbps. We have access to a pool of 5,000 public IP addresses through our registration with RIPE enabling us to optimise our network routing structure and provide customers with sufficient live IP addresses to suit their requirements.

Campuses can expect to see more than 100% take-up with service free at the point of delivery. A simple coupon system can provides access to your chosen user base. Bandwidth can be shaped to give priority to different types of user and same with with different types of data such as voice, secure websites, other browsing, FTP and so on.

>We also deliver alternatives to leased lines  delivered over network or as a stand alone facility on very competitive terms. We can usually deliver new installations within 10 business days to areas already connected to our network. Our network monitoring tools  incorporate Cisco remote management systems.

New products are being integrated all the time. Digital signage for electronic bulletin boards mounted on LCD and TFT screens is increasingly popular as a way of distributing public announcements. More recently we have added digital GSM repeaters to boost mobile phone voice and data coverage within buildings where coverage was previously poor.

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