High Speed Internet Access

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  • Pay as You Go allows maximum flexibility for service personnel
  • Capacity independent of the local telephone exchange
  • Instant internet access with no phone line required
  • Integration with internet terminals and digital signage
  • No upfront joining fees

We design, build and operate networks for your serving personnel. This can be delivered over wireless or your existing hardwired infrastructure or a combination of both. Wired works best and offers the best in terms of network reliability, but the next best solution is cabling access points together from a central switch and hub. In some cases you can use your own local cabled infrastructure to optimise network throughput and reduce the cost of ownership. In most cases structured cabling is not available and our preference is to cable up buildings along corridors terminating in a central hub. The advantage of this approach is that the subsequent upgrades can be installed cost effectively with a simple swap-out to the latest and best performing equipment.

Free internet access is routinely provided to all welfare organisations and we can even provide controlled access internet terminals that we remotely manage and monitor. Digital signage for networked electronic bulletin boards mounted on TV screens is increasingly requested and can operate as stand alone devices or networked to internet terminals. Content by controlled locally and broadcast across campus or to identified groups.

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